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PowerBook Duo MiniDock

Apple PB Duo MiniDock

The Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo MiniDock turns a PowerBook Duo into a bare-bones desktop Macintosh with all the standard ports. Unlike the other Duo Docks which require the case to be closed and outlet-powered, The MiniDock allows you to use the internal screen and the Dock at the same time as well as run on battery power for an hour to an hour and a half.

Introduction Date: October 19, 1992 Discontinued Date: August 5, 1995
Processor Type: N/A Processor Speed: N/A
Processor Upgrade: N/A FPU: N/A
System Bus Speed: N/A Lookaside Bus Speed: N/A
ROM Size: N/A Data Path: N/A
Level 1 Cache: N/A Level 2 Cache: N/A
RAM Type: N/A VRAM Type: Built-in
Standard RAM: N/A Maximum RAM: N/A
Motherboard RAM: N/A RAM Slots: N/A
Standard VRAM: 512k 1. Maximum VRAM: 512k 1.
Standard Hard Drive: N/A Int. Hard Drive Type: N/A
Standard CD-ROM: N/A Standard Disk: 1.44 MB (auto)
Standard Modem: N/A Standard Ethernet: N/A
Case Type: MiniDock Form Factor: MiniDock
Exp. Slots: None Exp. Bays (Free): None
Battery Type: N/A Battery Life: N/A
Built-in Display: N/A Supported MacOS: N/A
Dimensions: 2.1 x 10.6 x 3.2 2. Avg. Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Original Price: $390 US Est. Current Price: $100-$150 US
1. 512k of VRAM is soldered to the motherboard.
2. In inches, height x width x depth.
3. Photo Thanks: Matthew Moran.
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