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The Apple Mac mini G4/1.42 features a 1.42 GHz PowerPC 7447a (G4) processor with the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processing unit and a 512k on-chip level 2 cache, 256 MB of 333 MHz PC2700 DDR SDRAM RAM (512 MB after July 26, 2005), an 80.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive, a slot-loading 8X / 24X / 16X / 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive (4X / 2X / 4X / 2.4X / 8X / 16X/ 8X / 24X DVD±RW/CD-RW SuperDrive option available prior to July 26, 2005, standard US$699 configuration afterwards), ATI Radeon 9200 graphics processor (4X AGP) with 32 MB of DDR SDRAM, DVI (DVI-to-VGA adapter included), USB 2.0, FireWire, a built-in speaker, headphone/line out jack, and an external power supply, as well as support for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth with optional upgrades (AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth standard after July 26, 2005). The internal components are cleverly enclosed in a tiny and elegant 2.9 lb, 6.5 inch square, two inch tall cube.Please note that the Mac mini ships without a display, keyboard, or mouse, but numerous Apple and third-party options are available.

Introduction Date: January 11, 2005 Discontinued Date: N/A
Processor Type: PPC 7447a (G4) 1. Processor Speed: 1.42 GHz
Processor Upgrade: N/A FPU (Integrated): PPC 7447a (G4) 1.
System Bus Speed: 167 MHz (8.5:1) Backside Bus Speed: N/A
ROM Size: 1 MB 2. Data Path: 64-bit
Level 1 Cache: 64k Level 2 Cache: 512k (on-chip) 3.
RAM Type: PC2700 DDR SDRAM 4. VRAM Type: DDR Video RAM 5.
Standard RAM: 256, 512 MB 6. Maximum RAM: 1.0 GB
Motherboard RAM: None RAM Slots: 1 7.
Standard VRAM: 32 MB Maximum VRAM: 32 MB
Standard Hard Drive: 80.0 GB Int. Hard Drive Type: Ultra ATA
Standard DVD/CD: 8X/24X/16X/24X 8, 9. Standard Disk: None
Standard Modem: 56.6k v.92 (internal) 0. Standard Ethernet: 10/100Base-T
Case Type: Cube A. Form Factor: Mac mini A.
Exp. Slots: AirPort Ex, Bluetooth B. Exp. Bays (Free): None
Battery Type: 3.6V Lithium Battery Life: N/A
Built-in Display: None C. Supported MacOS: X 10.3.7+ D.
Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.0 E. Avg. Weight: 2.9 lbs.
Original Price: $599 US Est. Current Price: $599, $699 US F.
1. The PPC G4 includes the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processor.
2. Boot ROM is roughly 1 MB, other instructions are loaded into RAM.
3. 512k on-chip level 2 cache runs at processor speed (1.42 GHz).
4. Supports 184-pin PC2700 (333 MHz) DDR SDRAM.
5. ATI Radeon 9200 (4X AGP) with 32 MB of DDR SDRAM.
6. 512 MB of RAM standard after July 26, 2005.
7. One factory-installed DIMM, "Apple Authorized" upgrade only.
8. Read DVD at 8X, burn CD-R(W) at 24X/16X, read CD at 24X.
9. SuperDrive writes DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW at 4X/2X/4X/2.4X, reads DVD at 8X, writes CD-R(W) at 16X/8X, reads CD at 24X. Optional upgrade prior to July 26, 2005, standard US$699 config afterwards.
0. Standard before July 26, 2005, US$29 option afterwards.
A. Tiny and elegant 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.0 cube.
B. Support for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth w/ optionalupgrades prior to July 26, 2005, pre-installed afterwards.
C. Display sold separately.
D. MacOS X 10.4 "Tiger" pre-installed after July 26, 2005.
E. In inches, height x width x depth.
F. $599 US config. w/ Combo Drive, $699 US config. w/ SuperDrive.
G. Photo Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.

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